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Albion - Colossus
Sound design for ultra modern action focused toolkit. The aim for this sound design was to create the most extreme signal in the library using the original orchestral and synth content and putting them through complex effects chains while maintaining playability.
Spitfire Audio x Warp - Haunted House
Sound design for Warp and Darkstar collaboration library. The aim was to create a darker, more haunting set of sounds while keeping within the artists' original sound world. Grainy analog synths were turned into icy, warped textures, layered with subliminal spectral echoes.
Hainbach - Landfill Totems
Sound design for YouTuber Hainbach using sounds created from vintage test equipment collected from nuclear research labs and scrap heaps. The aim was to take his abstract freeform recordings and turn them into playable sounds while maintaining the character of the original instruments. Morse code bleeps, comms signals and electromagnetic noise were turned in to bass pulses; deep drones, ominous pads and grainy textural rhythms.
Albion - Neo
Sound design for presets for Albion Neo. The aim was to take the original orchestral recordings and create more electronic and electroacoustic styles of sounds while keeping them firmly in the cold and beautiful sound world of the library.
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